Saturday, December 31, 2011

Scuf Gaming Controller REVIEW Xbox 360 ATACS Wireless! Amazingly Good!

Here's my review of the Scuf Gaming ATACS Controller
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There are over 25 processes that go into making a SCUF Controller. Every SCUF Controller is hand-made, hand-finished, and tested! Below are the unique functional benefits: -
Back Paddles – Available ONLY at Scuf Gaming, these are 2 paddles on the reverse of the controller that can mimic any 2 of the face buttons! This enables you to utilize 50% more of your hand in an ergonomic and natural way. 
Adjustable Hair Triggers – Another ONLY at Scuf Gaming design feature, weapon fire becomes far more responsive, with each shot requiring just a tap. Every weapon becomes more deadly and the triggers can be fully adjusted to suit every type of player and game.
Trigger Stops – Designed to prevent any unneccesary trigger movement after the shot/ aim has been initiated. Trigger stops save those precious split seconds and are another must have feature for hard-core shooter gamers.
The Domed Sticks – Custom select either concave or domed shaped right and left sticks to add precision to your gameplay.
No Slow Turn– All SCUF Controllers come with a NO SLOW TURN GUARANTEE!
SCUF Grip – Optional military grade anti-slip Grip Paint applied to the underside of the SCUF controller. The Grip is particularly useful if your hands get hot in game play!
Remove Rumble Packs – Ability to reduce Controllers weight by removing the Rumble Packs (Vibration Motors). This is an option you can select at checkout.