Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Battlefield 3 Beta Review

The Battlefield 3 Beta is out now. Until October 10th , You can download this free open Beta and try the game out for yourself. Currently there is only one game type and one map. Rush on Operation Metro.
If you have played Battlefield Bad Company 1 and/or 2, you'll be very familiar with this game the instant you hop into a match. Unfortunately , the Beta has some issues. I don't feel they are game mechanic problems but rather server connection issues for the most part. There are a few holes in the map where you can fall through and get trapped beneath the map. I've even been shot and killed from beneath the map. But it's a Beta and it's used to dig up these problems so developers can fix them for final release. We'll likely see a patch the first day the game rolls out when you start it up for the first time. Other issues are bullet tracer lag, sound going out and a blue tint over the screen at times. Only other complaint is that it will crash my Xbox at times. btw, my review is based solely on the Xbox 360 version. I have no idea how it's playing on the PS3 and PC.  I think the actual game itself will be good. My main issues are actually kind of minor but they're enough to bug me and at times make me stop playing the game. but when it's working properly, it's very fun to play. Essentially though, Battlefield 3 is Bad Company 2 with Prone and new weapons, maps and vehicles. I've heard of no new game types to make it stand apart from it's predecessor in any other way. I'll withhold my final judgment though until after I've actually played the full game. Until then, I'd suggest you try it out for yourself. Never let other people make up your own mind for you. These are just my opinions and thoughts on it. Also, be sure to watch the video above for some of my gameplay/commentary from the Beta itself.

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