Monday, November 21, 2011

NEW CQC FPS Freek by KontrolFreek

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FPS Freek CQC (Close Quarters Combat) was designed for those who like to know their enemy before pumping them full of lead. So whether you're a run 'n gunner, dog tag collector or shotgun-wielding super commando, CQC is exactly the right tool for the job.

 FPS Freek CQC is a brand new product inspired by our current line of performance FPS Freek attachments. The slightly lower height of CQC creates a faster and more seamless feel that's perfect for those with smaller hands and those who simply prefer less adjustment. CQC's added grip and proximity to controller face buttons make it a perfect enhancement for either your left or right thumbstick.

 FPS Freek CQC is great when mixed and matched with other FPS Freek products. Use a single CQC on your left or right thumbstick in step with your favorite FPS Freek on the opposite stick and discover a custom combination of deadly accuracy that's just right for you. No matter how you play, CQC is another FPS Freek you'll be glad to have in your arsenal.

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