Monday, August 22, 2011

Call of Duty Elite: My Look Into The Beta

The NDA has been lifted on the Call of Duty Elite Beta website. So I made a video taking you on a little tour of the FREE portion of the website as it sits right now. Keep in mind it's still in Beta and the final site may be similar or vastly different from what it is now.
My initial thoughts are that it's a pretty neat website. It's certainly full of information , mostly stats from your player cards. All of your Black Ops combat record is on the site right now. In the future it will have MW3 as well.
The 2 most unique things I can find that site has right now are the "Connect" and "Compete" sections of the site. In the Connect area, you can find various Groups formed that share similar interests to yourself. Once you join that Group, you can compare your stats and communicate with other group members. Possibly a great way to meet new people, make friends and build a team.
The Compete are is also pretty cool. They hold weekly competitions where anything from badges to use on your profile to an iPad2 can be won simply by playing Call of Duty and submitting your entry. You're playing COD anyway, why not try to win a cool prize while you're at it right ?
The 600 lb Gorilla in the room though concerning COD Elite is the "Pay" aspect of the website. As of me writing this it is still a mystery. No details on what benefits you can get from paying to access that portion of the site or what the actual costs will be just yet. I'm hoping that details will be revealed at COD XP on September 2nd & 3rd. It's been hinted that there will be an Elite reveal there.
Only time will tell. But the free portion of the site is worth signing up for once it becomes available to the public. There are many interesting and useful areas of the site
Check it out for yourself!

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