Friday, August 19, 2011

Countdown to COD XP & MW3 Leaks? What Leaks?

So COD XP is only 2 weeks away from today (8/19/11). With the recent alleged MW3 Leaked info, it really has me psyched for going to the event now. I've seen all of the alleged information and I'm actually fairly concerned about it or not. On one hand it might be misinformation and that's why Activision felt the need to have the videos talking about it pulled. Or it could be completely legit and they didn't want the big reveal of COD XP to be spoiled. Either way I'll know in about 2 weeks! I'm going to reserve my judgment on MW3 until after I've had a chance to actually play it. I will likely use this blog to write some detailed descriptions of my personal experiences with the game (unless it becomes restricted).
Stay tuned!

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